Rapid Response Electrics

We can quickly provide rapid solutions to those small but inconvenient electrical problems that really annoy everyone. So if the lights flicker, or a socket loses power, or your door entry system stops working, we can put things right before your business is affected.

We also move swiftly to carry out any plans to enhance your workplace. We can provide free and detailed estimates for projects such additional lighting or increased electrical capacity.

We provide comprehensive data cabling and power installation services. These range from the simple, such as moving data or phone points or sockets when your office configuration changes, to the more complex, such as installing additional power for your office servers.

If you’re moving into new offices we’ll make sure that any electrical alterations you require are carried out in advance. And if you’re moving out, we’ll help you restore the electrical arrangements to their original condition, and provide any certification that your landlord may require. Discuss your options with us on 020 8451 0345 or via our contact page www.harlandvoss.com/contact.