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Electric car charging at your block

One of the most substantial electrical challenges that block managers will have to face over the next 10-15 years is how to handle the more widespread use of electric cars.

If your block has a garage or car park, demands for in-block charging will increase as residents change their cars, particularly if public charging points remain few and far between.

However, the process of installing chargers or sockets is going to pose issues for block managers because electric cars are power hungry. 

Using your pre-existing power supplies to charge vehicles will be likely to knock out the rest of the power supply to the communal areas. Each charging point will require its own dedicated circuit. So your first challenge will be how to install multiple additional circuits at your block, and your second challenge will be how to deal with the issue of who will pay for the power used.

You will always need a qualified electrician to help you through both processes. The team at Harland & Voss can help you investigate how best to run separate circuits to each charging point you require. We can also advise on how to install check meters so that the costs of each dedicated circuit can be allocated to the actual user of the car charger.

There’s also a decision to be made about whether to use 13 amp sockets or dedicated car charging points for the power outlets. There’s no question that sockets are cheaper to install, but chargers will take much less time to charge each car. The costs of the power used remain the same, regardless of the charging speed. Sockets are only a viable option for less powerful cars that are not used very often. Chargers should suit the needs of the majority of residents.

Harland & Voss can undertake all aspects of charger installation, from upgrading your cabling to installing the chargers of your choice. As residents upgrade their cars they might come under pressure to accept an installation package from the manufacturer or dealer of their car. These are priced to be profitable “add-ons” for the dealer/manufacturer with no ongoing relationship after the job is done. It is better that the block manager or landlord selects a charger or chargers that are likely to be suitable for as many residents as possible.

If we can help you plan your charger installation, please call us on 020 8451 0345.