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Emergency lighting & fire alarm testing at work

All workplaces and premises are legally required to provide and maintain safety for their employees and members of the public.

There are a number of requirements for establishing that your emergency lighting and fire alarms, and your appliances are safe.  Not only do we carry out the full range of required tests, but we maintain full records of their renewal dates, saving you time and paperwork. 

How we can support you

The tests usually required for electrical safety compliance are:

Emergency lighting

Those green “running man” signs showing emergency exits may look as if they’re just doing nothing, but they are a vital tool in keeping people safe in the event of a fire or major incident. That’s why the law is very strict in insisting all workplaces and public premises have them, and that they are tested throughout the year. A formal annual check ensures they will stay on for a designated minimum time – usually three hours. A semi-annual check at the 6-month point by a qualified electrician ensures the lights are in good working order and avoids a member of your staff having to check them monthly. Whenever we carry out these tests we’ll help maintain your logbook, keep duplicate records, and remind you in good time when the next test is due.

In between these two tests emergency lights should be checked monthly. Any member of your team can be trained up to do the monthly test, and we’ll be happy to show them how.

Fire alarms

These are obligatory in every workplace. These also need to be tested every six months. We are accredited to test any fire alarm system that is not maintained by the original installer and we are registered as approved maintenance contractors by leading manufacturers including Hyfire and EMS. Whatever your testing requirements, we’ll test your system, help you maintain your logbook, keep duplicate records and make sure repeat tests are carried out in good time.

Harland & Voss is accredited to design and install fire alarm and emergency lighting systems. So if you are acquiring or moving into shell premises, or making major alterations, we’ll be happy to advise you on your particular requirements.

Portable appliance testing

Companies have to demonstrate that any portable appliances plugged into electric sockets, eg computers, A/V equipment, laptops, microwaves and coffee machines, are safe. Portable appliance testing covers such items. This inspection is usually annual, although some IT equipment and some appliances can be inspected less frequently. Appliances covered by manufacturer’s warranty do not require portable appliance testing. Medical, dental and veterinary equipment should be tested by specialists. Similarly, industrial equipment and machinery should be serviced by suppliers or manufacturers.

We’ll advise you as to your own particular needs. Please contact us on 020 8451 0345.