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How to install a heavy chandelier

We’ve installed hundreds of chandeliers in some of London’s most beautiful homes.

Our projects have ranged from installing a family heirloom or a surprise find at an antiques fair to new products direct from the manufacturer or bespoke commissions from a specific designer.  

No two installations are the same, and that’s because it is important to consider the impact on the ceiling of having a chandelier installed. The last thing anyone would want is for your chandelier to come crashing down, bringing the ceiling with it.

This is why the first question we’ll always ask about a chandelier is its approximate weight. If you can pick up the chandelier yourself and lift it up and down without difficulty then the weight of the chandelier is not going to be a problem.

If the chandelier is as heavy as a fully-packed suitcase, or you know you couldn’t possibly lift it yourself, it is likely the piece weighs at least 25kg. This is the limit at which your ceiling will need to inspected to see how whether any reinforcement is necessary to take its weight.  

The weight also affects which screws and hooks should be supplied in order to fix the chandelier in place.  

Prior to installation we will make a visit to check your ceiling structure so that we can be certain what it will take to get the chandelier hung. If there are wooden joists, fixings will be attached to them. If the ceiling is suspended on a weaker metal frame, the fixing should be to any concrete ceiling above. 

If the ceiling needs reinforcement, we will have to cut out a section of the ceiling and install supports in the ceiling void that can support the weight of the chandelier. After the hole has been closed up a decorator should be brought in to repaint the area or the entire ceiling.

Where chandelier needs to be fitted in the centre of a decorative ceiling rose, we will need to determine an alternative way of supporting its weight without damaging the rose.  

The chandelier frame is always fitted first, and any decorative pendants or crystals are added once the frame is in place. This can be slow-going as the crystals can be delicate, so need to be handled with care. 

If your ceiling is particularly high, a tower may be needed so that our electricians can stand safely on a platform to work. Towers come in all dimensions, so we will need to measure the available workspace to determine exactly what is required. 

With all these variables to be taken into consideration, we provide bespoke estimates for all major chandelier installations. We’ll ensure that, with plenty of preparation, the day of installation goes as smoothly as possible. We hope you’ll enjoy your chandelier for many years to come. 

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