Electrical Safety Certificates

Companies are legally required to provide and maintain a safe workplace for their employees. There are a number of requirements for establishing that electrical wiring, appliances, alarm systems and lighting are safe. As NICEIC Approved Contractors, we can provide you with all the safety certification required by the Electricity at Work Act 1989.Not only do we carry out the full range of required tests, but we maintain full records of their renewal dates, saving you time and paperwork.

Fixed wiring

To check the safety of fixed wiring we provide Electrical Installation Condition Reports. These are carried out by a qualified, experienced electrical inspector with detailed knowledge of current safety regulations so that we can offer the most cost-effective solutions for making any defects safe.

We keep full records of any certificate issued and forward on to your landlord or insurer as necessary. Not only do these act as a handy back-up to your own records, but they considerably reduce the costs of the next inspection when it falls due.

Portable Appliance Testing

Companies also have to demonstrate that any portable appliances plugged into electric sockets, eg laptops, microwaves and coffee machines, are safe. Portable appliance testing covers such items. This inspection is usually annual, although some IT equipment and some appliances can be inspected less frequently. Appliances covered by manufacturer’s warranty do not require portable appliance testing. We’ll advise you as to your own particular needs. Please contact us on 020 8451 0345 or via our website www.harlandvoss.com.

Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarm Testing

Harland + Voss has a track record of methodical and reliable testing of emergency lighting and fire alarm testing in all sorts of workplaces. Uniquely amongst London electricians, we retain full records of all emergency lighting and fire alarm tests we undertake. So we can always remind you when the tests become due for renewal, and your insurances will always remain up to date.

Fire alarms. These are obligatory in every workplace. Harland + Voss is accredited to design and install fire alarm and emergency lighting systems, and we are happy to advise you on your particular requirements. We are also accredited to test any fire alarm system that is not maintained by the original installer. As a completely independent electrical contractor we have built up testing accreditations with many fire alarm panel manufacturers including Hyfire, EMS and EDA to name but a few.

Whatever your testing requirements, we’ll test your system, help you maintain your logbook, keep duplicate records and make sure further tests are carried out in time.

Emergency lighting. Another obligatory requirement for any workplace, emergency lights need a formal annual check to ensure they stay on for a designated minimum time – usually three hours. Whenever we carry out these tests we’ll help maintain your logbook, keep duplicate records, and remind you in good time when the next test is due. We’ll also show you how to do monthly checks yourself to save your company time and money.

If we can help you with your electrical needs, please call us on 020 8451 0345 or send us a message.