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Not everyone finds electricity the most interesting subject, we’ll admit … but even if you couldn’t tell an amp from a watt there are some things we all have to know. Such as, when should you call an electrician? Our handy guide tells you whether you need help fast, or whether you could sort out things yourself. We’re also happy to share with you our top tips for avoiding the cowboys. And how does the law regarding electricity affect you? Click here to read about the current regulations designed to uphold stringent safety standards

On a lighter note, we’re delighted that local garden designers in the areas we serve have agreed to share their outdoor illumination tips with us; click here to find out how to make those long summer evenings just that little bit longer. But when it gets cold outside, how about staying home with a good movie, showing on your very own home cinema? Click here for a look at the automated technologies that are transforming London’s smartest homes.

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