Preventive Electrics

Preventing power failure

Many potential electrical problems cannot be discovered by visual inspection and can cause power failure – or even fire – because they go undetected. Thermal imaging  allows you to identify problems before they cause power failures.

Thermal imaging takes X-ray type pictures of your workplace to reveal any areas of increased temperature – a key indicator of electrical problems – in your wiring. We can then investigate and rectify any problems that are revealed. This is ideal for the workplace that doesn’t do downtime, as you don’t have to turn off the power whilst the initial investigation takes place.

We are one of just a few London companies that can offer instant analysis of thermal imaging findings, immediate diagnosis of the problem and rapid electrical repairs.

Re-lamping and preventive maintenance

If you have an on-going pre-planned electrical maintenance programme you would like us to undertake, or you’d like advice on establishing one in your workplace, please contact us on 020 8451 0345 or via our contact page We can advise you how your needs can be met swiftly and effectively.