Corrective Electrics

Harland + Voss specialises in correcting the work of other electricians. If you’ve had a bad experience with an electrician whom you suspect of substandard work – or has “disappeared” leaving work unfinished and without providing certification – we can investigate the extent of the problem and put it right. We can also provide an independent opinion or documentation which you can use in the event of litigation. All the electricians who work in our corrective electrics practice are fully qualified electrical inspectors and testers with several years’ experience in residential and commercial electrical installations.

If we can help you with your electrical needs, please call us on 020 8451 0345 or send us a message.

For some examples of how we’ve been able to help individual householders, why not take a look at some of our case studies below:


Case 1 - Saving a customer thousands of pounds

A householder in north west London was quoted a five-figure sum for a full rewire of her 6-bedroom home after she asked another electrician to review some electrical problems. She felt uneasy about the scale of the works being suggested and asked us for a second opinion.

We recommended a thorough NICEIC inspection of the property to ascertain the real extent of the problems. As a result of the inspection, we could find no grounds for a complete rewire which could have taken several weeks to complete.

We did find some unsafe wiring, but the resulting remedial works were completed within a couple of days. The total bill for the inspection and remedial works came to less than 20% of the price quoted by the first electrician.

Case 2 - Keeping a kitchen fitting on track

With only a week to spare before a resident of a home in north London was due to have a luxury kitchen fitted, the installer expressed concerns about the safety of the existing electrical infrastructure.

We were able to attend the property the day after the resident phoned us, and confirmed not only the installer’s suspicions, but that an upgrade to the kitchen area was needed to support the additional appliances being fitted.

Mindful of the approaching deadline, we commenced works as soon as our customer approved the estimate. The kitchen was installed on time, and the customer had the reassurance of safe and sufficient electrical supply.

Case 3 - Helping a house sale to completion

A house seller in west London called in a panic when the solicitor for the prospective buyers asked for evidence that the electrics installed in her recent ground floor and loft extensions were safe. The electrician that did the work had “disappeared” without issuing a certificate and was no longer returning calls.

Although NICEIC regulations prevent us from certificating the work of other electricians as our own, we were able to issue the customer with the next best document after an inspection of the new work and correcting a few mistakes.

Our Electrical Installation and Condition Report was accepted by Hounslow Council Building Controls as evidence that the new works were safe. We understand that the sale subsequently went ahead