Corrective Electrics

Harland + Voss specialises in correcting the work of other electricians. If you’ve had a bad experience with an electrician whom you suspect of substandard work – or has “disappeared” leaving work unfinished and without providing certification – we can investigate the extent of the problem and put it right. We can also provide an independent opinion or documentation which you can use in the event of litigation.

We also have a reputation for being able to put right the problems that other electricians can’t fix. Why not try us out on that niggling problem that your usual electrician hasn’t been able to resolve?

All the electricians who work in our corrective electrics practice are fully qualified electrical inspectors and testers with several years’ experience in residential and commercial electrical installations.

If we can help you with your electrical needs, please call us on 020 8451 0345 or send us a message.